Monday, October 19, 2015

Friends, Gratitude, Gifts

By Rodger Dean Duncan

A Visit With Amber

From previous posts you'll recall that in February and March we taught the missionary lessons to Amber Cook. She was baptized on March 28. Amber is a Baylor University graduate and was teaching at nearby Midway High School. She recently moved to Austin for a graduate program at the University of Texas.

The lovely Amber is like a granddaughter to us.
We treasure our friendship with Amber and stay in touch with her. In fact, this past week we drove down to Austin for a visit. We went to lunch on Wednesday, then on Thursday we toured the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum with her on the UT campus. The LBJ Library is right next to the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History. We wanted to see that, too, but didn't have time. Dolph, a former Texas governor, was a fine man. I got to know him well when I traveled extensively with him during the 1968 gubernatorial campaign. (I was a political writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.)

Amber is doing exceptionally well. She's active in her university student ward and attends the LDS Institute there. Her testimony of the restored gospel is very solid. It's always a pleasure to be with her.

With friends at Cave Henricks and Shelton Interactive. They
inquired about Kermit, who's in many of our blog photos.
Unfortunately, Kermit did not make the trip with us. As an
apology, he asked to be inserted here.
Our Bookish Friends

While we were in Austin we stopped by for a brief visit with my friends at Cave Henricks Communications and Shelton Interactive. These folks are world-class media relations experts who specialize in promoting business books and other nonfiction titles. They've helped many authors reach bestseller status, and they're the ones who helped promote my most recent book CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP. In addition to being top pros, they are really outstanding people. I'm impressed by their Christian values and excellent work ethic. I like them very much.

Zone Council, Transfers

We recently had another Waco Zone Council. These are typically just before transfers, which means some of our missionaries will be transferred to other areas of the mission, and some have completed their missions and are returning home. Either way, it's a time of mixed emotions for us. We are proud of "our" young missionaries and wish them well on the next phase of their life journeys. And we are saddened to see them leave. We cannot say enough about the amazing devotion of these young people.

Kermit enjoyed the Baylor-West Virginia game. The Bears
scored 60+ points again.
Another Fireside, More Teaching

We did another fireside on Sunday evening. This one was for the Single Adults in the Waco Stake.

Rean gave a wonderful talk on gratitude, referencing a General Conference address by Dieter Uchtdorf (April 2014) and a 1989 talk by Henry Eyring. I spoke about using heaven-sent gifts. As the springboard of my talk, I used the Apostle Paul's declaration from the 4th chapter of Philippians: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." We love meeting with the saints of the Waco Stake, and really appreciate the stake presidency and bishops for giving us so many opportunities to serve.

This coming week will bring more teaching, plus preparation for future events. Time is flying. We'll return to Liberty in only 56 days. How can that be possible?


  1. So glad to see that Kermit was able to make our photo :) Great to see you, Rodger, and an absolute pleasure to have had the chance to meet Rean. You both are an inspiration to me!

  2. Kermit's first pose is classic. He has a great stylist.

    I admit that in 56 days, I'll be both thrilled to see you and sad your mission is over.

  3. We will be in Liberty this week and will surely miss you.