Sunday, August 23, 2015

Warriors in the Lord's Army

By Rodger Dean Duncan

Warriors in the Lord's Army

Phil Knorr, an Army and Marine veteran (explosives expert), never knew much about the Church. In fact, he was never much interested in religion in general.

Then his friend Seth, a self-described "lapsed Mormon," decided to become active. When he did, Phil noticed the difference in Seth's countenance, in his behavior, in his overall outlook on life. Phil liked what he saw, so he inquired about the possibility of learning more about the gospel.

Meanwhile, Seth got his life on track and accepted a call to serve a two-year mission for the church. By then, Phil had met several other Latter-day Saints and was attending the Young Single Adult Branch here in Waco.

The YSA members adopted Phil as one of their own. The missionaries taught him the gospel. And on Saturday, with about 50 members of his "new family" in attendance, Phil was baptized.

Now this former U.S. Army and Marine Corps warrior is in the Lord's army.

Cole Copas is the now the newest members of the Hewitt
Ward. On the left is our friend Bishop Ben Johnson.
Later on Saturday, 9-year-old Cole Copas was baptized. Cole has been attending Primary and was very well tutored by the missionaries as well as by his Primary teacher. He's a bright young man with spiritual understanding that belies his youth. And he looked especially handsome in his bow tie.

Cole is a much younger "Warrior for the Lord" than Phil, but his enthusiasm for the gospel is boundless. We expect his mother to be baptized in the near future.

Current Teaching

We continue to teach the gospel to our friend Bob, a wonderful man in the Hewitt Ward. Bob, 66, is a life-long Baptist and married to a Latter-day Saint. We started teaching him a few weeks ago.

Sister Duncan teaching the
Plan of Salvation.
One Sunday Bob was sitting beside me in priesthood meeting. I had to excuse myself from the room to take a brief phone call. When I returned, Bob was bearing his testimony about the marvels of the restoration that he had recently learned. His new-found appetite for the gospel is a delight to behold.

Bob, who's been a college teacher for 39 years, is a curious, life-long learner. But never of a subject that's given him as much excitement as the gospel.

Bob's baptism is scheduled for September 26. It would be sooner, but he wants to be sure his out-of-town daughter can attend. (Can you see the smile on my face as I type this?)

This coming week we'll return to Bob's place in McGregor (about 20 miles south of Waco) for dinner and another missionary discussion.

Then on Friday night we'll join Bob and his wife Veronica at a McGregor Bulldog football game.

For those of you who don't know, followers of Texas high school football are ... well, what's a good synonym for rabid? (Bear in mind that the word "fan" is short for "fanatical.") And for those of you who know my northern California girl Rean, can you even begin to imagine how excited she is to attend a high school football game? In Texas? In August? She's such a faithful missionary.


  1. I can see the smile on both of your faces!

  2. xoxo

    PS--I don't know what the contraption in the last photo is, so I guess the joke is lost on me.

  3. The contraption is a deer feeder, typically filled with corn. But in the Texas heat, you get popped corn. :)

  4. Rean, enjoy the football game. I am a southern California girl and I have gone to many football games over the years of having a son play. This made me laugh!! By the way, this is Julie, not Stephen. :)